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  • As The Sun Rises
    As The Sun Rises
    220g (55hrs) Sold out
  • Meet in the Greenhouse
    Meet in the Greenhouse
    220g (55hr) Sold out
  • The Long Soak
    The Long Soak
    220g (55hrs) Sold out

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Whether it's a scent to stay home to, or one for igniting an adventure, each Aather candle evokes a particular mood and tells a story that comes alive with each fragrance. Meander through mellow moods or come alive with stimulating scents, each candle waiting to add their individual character to your home.


Cypress, cedarwood and black pepper take you into a cabin in the forest. Rose, jasmine and vanilla invite you to sink into an indulgent bath, while a concoction of citrus brings to mind the sun at the start and end of the day.

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Every element of our candles is considered and celebrates a slower and more mindful pace of creativity, captured in a refined and timeless object. Each candle is individually packaged in a presentation box, ideal for gifting. Shop Gift Cards


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