Our Approach

Making a candle

We have sought out the finest materials and fragrance, selecting a wax blend including natural ingredients that is expertly hand-poured to deliver a consistent burn and enveloping scent experience. In the spirit of collaboration, we brought together experts in fragrance, glass artistry and wax craftsmanship, and the result is the elegant refinement of an Aather candle.

Stories in scent

Cypress, cedarwood and black pepper take you into a cabin in the forest. Rose, jasmine and vanilla invite you to sink into an indulgent bath, while a concoction of citrus brings to mind the sun at the start and end of the day.

Hand-poured in France

Our olfactive candle fragrances were crafted in Grasse, the French town considered the world’s ‘capital of perfume’. Ingredients are sourced sustainably from seasonal crops around the world, brought to life by expert perfumers to encompass the sense of each Aather story.

Conscious Design

Punctuate your home with scent.

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