Candle Care

Caring for your Aather candle

At first light

Many people don’t leave their new candle burning for long enough. We recommend you burn an Aather candle for 1-2 hours, to ensure the wax melts out to the edges of the glass. This will prevent the candle from ‘tunnelling’. It’s best to make every burn this length of time, from the first to the last, to encourage your candle to keep burning evenly.

Trim your wick

It’s very important that you trim the wick of your candle, every time, before you light it. It should be no longer than 5mm. This will stop your candle from smoking, and staining the glass. If you’re burning your candle for a long period of time, you can also trim the wick mid-burn to protect against smoking.

Every burn

Always ensure the candle wax melts to the edges of the glass to prevent tunnelling. Please remember to always keep an eye on your Aather candle and only burn in well ventilated places.


They might seem quaint or old-fashioned, but candle snuffers are still the best way to extinguish your candle flame. By using a snuffer rather than blowing out, it reduces smoke, and, in the case of over-zealous blowers, avoids the wax being disrupted and blown up the sides of the glass.

After the final burn

When you reach the end of your candle and it has fully cooled, the glass vessel can be cleaned out of any remaining wax and given a second life.

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