FAQ - About our Candles

How are your candles made?
All of our candles are housed in mouth-blown glass, which means every candle is unique and the shape may vary slightly. Each candle is then hand-poured and each label is applied by hand.
How should I care for my candle?
We recommend following our candle care instructions here. 
What is your packaging made from?
We've taken care to reduce the use of plastics throughout all of our packaging, which is why we use cardboard and paper.
What are your fragrances made from?
Our fragrances are made of a combination of safe synthetics and natural ingredients. We're 100% transparent with our ingredients, and you can see them listed on the bottom of each product. Our fragrances never contain any of the following: parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, or known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. 
Do your candles contain parrafin wax? Our wax is a natural blend, but it does contain parrafin to ensure a clean and consistent burn. While we believe the olfactory experience is heightened in candles which contain parrafin, we are actively searching for a 100% natural alternative.
Where are your products made? Both our candles and packaging are made in Europe.
Are your candles vegan? Aather candles are not vegan. However, we are actively researching vegan alternatives that perform to the same standard as our current wax blend.
How fragrant are Aather candles? Our 220g Aather candles create fragrance to fill a small to medium sized room. We always recommend burning your candle in a well ventilated space.
How long do your candles burn for? Each 220g Aather candle burns for up to 55 hours.
What should I do with my container when the candle's finished? We encourage our customers to recycle or upcycle our candle packaging. Once cleaned, Aather jars are great for storing small household items, while our glass candle vessels make beautiful drinking glasses or even decorative containers. When it comes to recycling, we recommend separating components before sorting glass from cardboard in your household recycling bins.
Do you offer gift cards? Aather does indeed offer gift cards. You can purchase a gift card here and select an amount you'd like to give.

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